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What a Real Winning Email Looks Like

August 01, 2012


Some are easy to spot – the billion dollars the prince in Nigeria wants to give you for example.  But other fake wins are much harder to weed out. 

So with so many fakes, tricks and questionable lotteries out there, PrizeWinner thought we would share with you all what a real congratulatory email looks like!

While most of the time smaller prizes will just show up in the mail, and even some larger prizes.  We have even had a team member receive a cheap for $1,000 in the post one day without any warning, what a nice surprise that was!

Here is an email that one of our staff received recently (we have removed identifying features):

Hi Stacey,

Congratulations! You've been chosen as a lucky winner of the DVD competition. We will be posting your prize to your address supplied on your entry shortly.
Many thanks for entering the competition via www.ourwebsite.com.au and we hope you enjoy your prize. Read about the DVD you won here (this was a link)


The Team @ Promoter.


There are a few things in the language and style of this email that point to its genuine nature.  

As you can see from our example, a legitimate congratulory email generally will:

- Immediately referred to the actual competition you entered.

- Be straightforward and identify either the promoter or the company running the competition.  There will be a brand somewhere.

- Only said congratulations once (fake emails tend to be overly glowing with praise and congratulatory messages).

- Contain a link to their real website that works. This link will be to the actual brand promoting the competition, and will be a genuine link, not containing letters and numbers.

- Maybe give you a person's name and contact details, but definitely not a yahoo or hotmail email address!

- Never ask for money to deliver your prize!

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