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Ten Myths About Online Comping

April 16, 2010

So you want to start comping online but have heard so many tales you don't know what to believe?  We lay out below the top ten untrue things PrizeWinner has heard about online prizes and competitions.

1. The competitions are not real.

2. Real people don’t win prizes online.

3. The good competitions are too hard to find.

4. All online competitions are scams.

5. If I provide my details online they will end up everywhere.

6. There is always a catch associated with them.

7. All online competitions have crazy odds. 

8. No one can win anything good, like a car or holiday, online for nothing!

9. Online competitions are too much trouble to enter.

10. Too many people enter them, so I’m never going to win!

 All of these are not true!

So now that we have set the record straight, get comping with PrizeWinner and have some fun.

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