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Make Comping Your “Golden Ticket”

July 21, 2010

It was good enough for Charlie – so give it a go!

While in the current economic climate comping may not make you a billion bucks, comping is at the very least a great way to supplement your income.

Today we are offering PrizeWinner’s top ten tips on how to get started on “turning Pro”.

1. A smart comper always reads the fine print.
You should always know what you are in for. Some tricky terms and conditions you might find (and might be glad you know) are:
• You were about to enter more times than the rules allow;
• Your prize is not coming for four months; or
• The winner is expected to pose for photographs and give a quote, all of which will be splashed around the internet (Hope you don’t value your privacy if you win this one!).

2. Don’t comp from work.
Not even at lunch time. The modern wonders of web filters and that IT team will catch you. You won’t want to explain your hobby to your boss, and we don’t want to have PrizeWinner locked up by the Net Police!

3. Keep that winning feeling by compiling a list of your wins.
Better still, become an avid record-keeper by keeping a list of all your written entries, such as all 25 words or less answers. You can use these as inspiration (or shortcuts and timesavers!) in the future.

4. If at first you don’t succeed....
That’s right – try again. And again. And again. In fact, perseverance is that name of the game.

5. Sign up for a hotmail (or similar) email account to ensure your privacy. It will also save the wrath of those work IT people when you start getting follow up emails from promoters.

6. Do not limit yourself to entering just prizes online.
Check out the TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, shopping centres, and anywhere you can think of. PrizeWinner covers all of these bases.

7. Be funny!
Think of how many entries the judges are going to read. Make them laugh, or at least smile, and it might go a long way to winning that entertainment set / kitchen appliance / gift voucher.

8. Enter every comp you can find!
There is a stream of thought that says only enter those comps for prizes you want to keep. But if you are going professional, you are looking for income. This means those prizes you don’t want are still income – selling them for cold hard cash is an option.

9. Watch the time
Never leave your entry until the last day. Some people will tell you otherwise, but we suggest you do not in case the promoter decides to close the competition early (which we have noticed them do before). This leaves you without an entry.

10. Comping is supposed to be fun!
Are you having fun? You’d better be. Because unless you are having fun, what is the point? Take a break – get some chocolate, some wine, or a beer. And remember why you started doing this in the first place.

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