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Is Facebook the Best Place to Win Free Stuff?

July 16, 2014

Since being launched on 4 February 2004, Facebook has taken the world by storm. Can you believe that there are 1.23 billion monthly users worldwide?! Today, with over 12 million Australians having a Facebook account, and over 7.3 million of us Aussies logging onto our Facebook accounts daily using a mobile device, it is now seen as a valuable way for promoters to spread the word on their competitions.
With such growing popularity, it is no wonder Facebook competitions are now very much the norm in Australia. They give a promoter a huge opportunity to reach a larger audience with their free competitions. And with the growing sophistication in competition applications, it is getting so much easier for you and me to enter and win free stuff using Facebook!
These are just three exciting features of Facebook that PrizeWinner thinks make it ideal for entering competitions in Australia, and why you should be on Facebook to get your slice of the winnings!
The element of fun on the go
One of the great things about Facebook competitions is that they can be more interactive, and are easily accessible through your smartphone. Competition applications can quickly and seamlessly have users voting, solving puzzles, obtaining comments, sharing and more. Who doesn’t love something to do while you are waiting for the bus at the end of the day? Particularly if it involves the chance to win! And as a plus for the promoter, those Facebook competitions requiring entrants  share the word about a brand can be easily done with a couple of clicks. Talk about convenient.
Competition accessibility
No pen, paper or magazine purchase required. Facebook really has revolutionised the competition entry process in Australia. A smartphone (and WiFi) is all that is needed to access this all ages can join in phenomena. While some social media forums, such as Instagram, are considered favoured by a younger demographic, Facebook is regarded as the social media for all age groups, and most competitions are geared that way. This means this age-resilent forum is ideal for reaching potential Australian competition entrants like you and me who are just looking for a win, regardless of our age group.
The modern day mailing list
Becoming a fan of a Facebook page means competitions from that brand or business will appear in your news feed. Liking a page takes less than a second, and is very much the modern day version of signing up for a mailing list, allowing a business to reach their fan base by posting pictures, information, promotions and more. For the seasoned competition seeker, it means the prizes literally come to you; just click on the post link and keep entering to win. 
Our verdict? 
If you not on Facebook, you are not maximising your winning odds. Think about signing up for an account to get the winning edge. It is free and easy to do, and will open give you access to so many free competitions, plus rather than needing to fill up your inbox with newsletters, you can have one dedicated news feed that shares the latest and greatest competitions Australian companies have to offer.

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