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How to win – in 25 words or less

June 14, 2010

Only a truly unique answer will win a 25 words or less competition. But how do you write one?

Competition judges are flooded with thousands of entries, and you can make their job easier (at choosing you as the winner!) by making your entry stand out.

The golden rule to writing a 25 words or less response is that you MUST mention the product or brand being promoted by the competition. After all, this is the purpose of the competition – to advertise the product. Show the judges you know about the product.

Some suggestions to writing a unique 25 words or less response:
• Tell a true story;
• Rhyming, or writing a poem;
• Be funny.

But whatever you do, make sure you:
• You do NOT exceed the word limit. You will immediately disqualify yourself.
• Mention the product or brand being promoted (or at least the prize that is being given away).
• Take your time. Think about your response.
• Run your response through a spell checker. If you type straight into the entry form any typos won’t be picked up, but at the other end they will stand out!

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