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How to More Win Free Stuff Using Instagram

September 01, 2014

Winning just got more social! Promoters are now using Instagram and hashtags to extend their competition network and increase your chances of winning free stuff!
Through this lively social media tool, competitions have taken on a new visual dimension. Instagram competitions usually require entrants to take a picture relevant to the competition theme, post it on their Instagram news feed and, using a hashtag, share their image.
PrizeWinner considers how Instagram competitions and hashtags work in Australia, and shows you how to win more! 
So what is Instagram?
With over 200 million users (according to iTunes), this social media allows users to share photos and short videos of no more than 15 seconds on a news feed. 
Users of Instagram can follow other users’ feeds, and “like” or comment on images. 
All images are given a distinctive vintage feel and can be edited using one of the 19 filters available.
Instagram is free to join (you can download the app from the iTunes App Store). 
How do I use hashtags?
One trait of Instagram that makes this social media forum so amendable to running competitions is its ability to allow hashtags.
Hashtags are a modern way of labelling an Instagram picture or video and making it searchable.
These are unique phrase lines that begin with this symbol “#”, followed by a short phrase or group of words and numbers without any spaces. 
Hashtags should be as short as possible, and easy to remember. Abbreviations are okay. However, any hashtag should be specific about the content being tagged. For example #WinAustralia is really broad, while #WinFreeCalifornianHoliday is specific.
When it comes to competitions on Instagram, promoters will normally create a hashtag and tell you to use this hashtag to enter and win. This hashtag will usually one that promotes the company holding the competition, or its products or services. Remember, if you don’t put this hashtag on your Instagram competition entry, it is unlikely your entry will be found and considered for the prize draw.
What Australian competitions will I find on Instagram?
Instagram is very popular with younger users (mainly those under 30 years old), with about three quarters of its users being female. 
As we talked about in our article Competitions and Social Media, brands that do their research promote their competitions on that social media forum which their product and services have the biggest following. This is noticeable in the types of competitions that are currently offer an entry to win via Instagram. Those prizes tend to be aimed at a younger female demographic - that means products and services aimed at younger women.
Instagram competitions are a great way to share visual interpretations of a competition entry theme, and for budding photographers to show off their creativity. They also allow for the social sharing of entrants as the competition runs, which is a plus for the promoter, because the competition is providing free publicity without any hard work!
So why not get social, get creative and get your entry in an Instagram competition and win today?

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