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Facebook Competitions - Six Quirks To Know And Win By - Part 2

August 10, 2014

In Part 1, PrizeWinner talked about three quirks of comping on Facebook - liking; using Autofill and sharing to win.
Now we want to share with you another three quirks of entering competions on Facebook to make sure you are at your winning best!
How did that entry get on my Timeline?
So you are going through your News Feed and realise it has been splashed to the world you entered an ice-cream brand competition. Distressing for the closet comper.
How did you get outed? The first place to look is the competitions terms and conditions. If you allowed an application before entering to win, chances are it included a sneaky term that the competition could post to your Wall. You can try to delete or hide the post by right clicking in the upper right hand corner. If that option is available it will be listed.
Why do I have to allow the Facebook application to enter and win?
Some competition applications ask you to allow applications before you can enter. You press no, and your entry cannot be made. Bummer.
This is usually because these applications want access to some information from your Facebook profile. Like entering a competition online, the data can be collated for various marketing purposes. See below for more information.
Logging In with Facebook
Like AutoFill, some competitions allow you to “Login with Facebook”. When a promoter asks your permission to do so, they will tell you what information from your Facebook Profile they will be obtaining. Usually, your public profile will be used; you will be given the chance to click and review this information first before agreeing.
Usually promoters of competitions want to know personal information about you, plus general information for statistic purposes. This information can include:
Your name 
Your email address
Your age group
Your gender
Your friend list
Your language 
Your country
Allowing the competition application to receive some information from your profile means you are letting the promoter get some or all of the details we list above The application will tell you if it is going to post to Facebook; i.e. if it will end up on your Wall.
Finding the forgotten terms and conditions
Forgotten or hidden terms and conditions seem to be a bigger issue on Facebook than online competitions. Some promoters leave these until the end - meaning you go through the trouble of playing the game or allowing the application, only to find out the competition you are attempting to enter closed two weeks ago. Such a waste of your time, and usually also after you have disclosed your information to the competition promoter. For bigger competitions, you can try visiting the website first to see if the terms and conditions are also listed there.
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