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Comping Do’s and Dont’s

May 02, 2010

PrizeWinner is all about experiencing that winning feeling.  

Our expert winners put their heads together and came up with this list of Do's and Dont's for the ultimate comping (and prize winning) experience!


  • Make sure you can enter the competition.  Check our expert tips about eligibility.

  • Save time by using automatic form filler software.

  • Enter competitions with bigger prize pools because they offer better odds of winning.

  • Keep a list of your prize wins!  All the great compers say they wish they had kept a list of their wins from the very beginning of their winning journey.  It is a great way to stay motivated (and to be the envy of your friends).

  • Enter the prize draw as many times as you like when entry to a competition is unlimited.

 Don’t ....

  • Waste your time entering competitions for prizes you just don’t want.  Only enter those competitions you actually care about and want to win.

  • Enter fake details, like a fake surname or phone number.  If you are worried, only enter the mandatory information.

  • Enter just one competition a lot of times.  The odds are more in your favour if you enter a lot of different competitions once each.

  • Give up!  Your first win will not be instant.  To win free prizes on a consistent basis you need to enter on a consistent basis.

  • Enter more times than the rules permit!  When entries are electronic, your multiple entries WILL be noticed. 

But most importantly:

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All you have to do is keep that winning feeling!

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