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Competitions and Social Media

May 08, 2014

Competitions in Australia are changing.
Competitions have always been used by companies as a way of marketing new products and services, and as a way of getting the public’s attention about their current and new product lines.
Now, modern Australians are turning to different forms of social media to communicate each other, it is no wonder that competitions are taking place in these forums.
Social Media means all those online media services and applications (the modern word for software) that deliver content, while also allowing users to create and share content, or just participate in social networking. Unlike the traditional media, social media is offered in real time. It includes applications, also called apps like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and You Tube.
Two years ago, we described in our article “The Rise of Facebook Competitions in Australia", that competitions and prize draws were expanding past the internet and to Facebook. Now, all forms of social media, be it Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter, or being used by promoters to cast a wide net and obtain even more entries into their competitions and maximise followers of their brand.
We are also starting to see competitions that require a mix of two media types in an entry - for example creating and sharing Pin Board in Pinterest, entering the competition online plus becoming a fan on Facebook and entering the competition or retweeting a post.
So does this mean hardcore compers should become prolific in every realm of social media? 
Not necessarily. Most companies research into which types of social media is best for their brand. They then offer their competitions where their fan base is, or where they are trying to grow it. This is majority of competitions seemed to have moved over to Facebook - because this is undoubtedly the most popular form of social media. Those Australian competitions with Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest elements appear to either offer these as alternative entry methods or use this social media for branding purposes.
However, we suggest reviewing the terms and conditions of any Australian prize draw that contains dual requirements, such as retweeting or sharing on Pinterest plus a Facebook entry. Dual app entries may be optional (as opposed to mandatory) for entering the competition. This is an indication by the promoter that your entry in whatever form of social media you subscribe to is good enough!

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